About us

K.E.S has established unique counselling techniques which bears testimony to success of our students getting admissions in top ranked universities with scholarships.

We provide guidance to the students in selection of courses, universities, assistance of documentation, assisting in statement of purpose, admission in university, guidance for bank loan.

What We Do?

We provide professional career counseling i.e. a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work to make career, educational, and life decisions.

The goal of career counseling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions.

Our People

With 20 years of experience, Our Director and CEO Manmohan Kohli Sir have guided more than 5000 students about their decisions to apply to overseas education.

Students get guidance in order to make complicated decisions regarding admisison in high School, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, MBA programs and PhD programs across the globe.

We Take The Panic Out of Admissions

Over the past 20 years, KES has built a universal fame among undergraduate and graduate candidates alike for the personalized service, integrity, uprightness and excellence we bring to our work as educational consultants.

Our secret is straightforward : We truly understand and learn admissions and you.

No matter where you’re applying College, B-school, Law school, or High school; one fact remains the same: stats like your GPA and test scores only serve to get you past the gatekeeper. What truly excites admissions officers is gaining an understanding of who you are. If they can get an in-depth look at the real you (including your strengths, values, accomplishments, quirky tastes, and yes, even weaknesses), they will form a connection with you, just as your closest friends have. In other words, communicating your personal story in an insightful, knowledgeable, reflective way is crucial, and that’s exactly what we help candidates do best.

At KES, we're not simply admissions consultants, we're dedicated, fearless coaches and we play at an Olympic level. We excavate deep to help you discover your true self and express it through your essays. We encourage the leader inside you, helping you be the leader you can be. We drive you to up your extracurricular game, shift your outlook on what makes you great, and carve your dreams into smart academic and professional goals.

In Conlcusion, what we do is build great candidacies from advice on empowering your transcripts and extracurriculars, to interview skills, to essays that communicate who you are instead of merely what you've done. And the most crucial part? We make sure you and the school you’re applying to is a match.

Let us help you send a clear message to admissions officers: Acceptance is a two-way street. Your community needs me just as much as I need it.

To find out more about how we can help you, select the program you're applying to from the menu above. Or, you can learn more about us and our team of coaches.


 Personal Appointments with Manmohan Kohli Sir were Excellent. Detailed emails with thorough information on the university application process provided. Sample SOP's and LOR's were of great help. Mock Interview prepared me for the actual VISA interview.I would recommend kraft for all students pursuing a Masters Degree abroad.

- Sankar Mahadevan, Virginia Tech-USA

 According for selecting universities, GRE is not that important. I always used to think that with good GRE and TOEFL marks. I will get good universities but there are also other factors such as social work, Technical paper and extracurricular activities.

- Abhijeet Sanjay Bhosale, University of Texas Arlington

 Mr Kohli and his team was available to me to solve my doubts whenever I needed sir, was quite patient and encouraging when it came to handling a large no. of queries given by me. I was provided the necessary guidance at the right time and because of him I made it to one of the finest universities in USA!!

- Akash Agte, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

 Sir gave me a detailed explanation of the universities according to my profile and I shortlisted universities according to them. SOP’s and LOR’s were drafted very well and they were corrected accordingly to boost my admission chances. I was able to get the university of my choice. Thank you Kraft Education. Keep up the good work!!!

- Anirudh Suryavanshi, University of Florida,Gainesville

 Kraft was very organized with respect to the selection process. Everything was done systematically and all queries were solved from time to time. The staff is very approachable. A comparatively low GRE score of 312 did not keep sir back from encouraging me to apply as I had a strong overall profile. They were extremely prompt with all their replies and very helpful and encouraging in every way.

- Ayesha S. Chimnani, University of Pennsylvania

 Kraft helps critically in choosing the universities. We need to discuss with sir the programs and courses we wish to pursue. They will hand over the list of universities with such programs and then decide with Sir which universities to narrow down. Although many problem’s answer we look upto internet but there are times when you need direction. That’s where Kraft has helped me to go through it.

- Divyang Panchal, Rennsselaer polytechnic University

 Visa counseling, according to me was one of the best benefits among others. They provided me with a question set containing all possible questions that can be thrown at once their templates for the visa documents and mock interview greatly uncomplicated and made the visa process less painful. I would highly recommend KES to any MS aspirants. Iam also sure that their services to other aspirants going to countries other than the US are just as good. Iam completely satisfied and happy with their counseling.

- Doshi Virag Rajesh, University of Colorado, Boulder