Study in UK


The United Kingdom has one of the earliest, most globally recognised and honourable education systems in the world. British qualifications are highly accepted and help students develop highly prosperous international careers.

Why Study in UK?

  • The UK has steadily been the most acknowledged study destination for international students (per head of population).
  • Expenditure - As programmes tend to be reduced in duration (normally 1 year masters and 3 years bachelors when compared to most other university systems the costs of your education tend to be lower).
  • Academic Attribute - UK's higher education institutions are all quality assured by the UK government. The UK offers the gold standard in higher education quality still offering excellent cultural, personal and work/study inter-related student experiences.
  • Standings - UK universities frequently appear in international rankings as the best or in the top sets of ranking tables.
  • Wide range of options - The UK has many divergent tertiary level institutions from Colleges to Universities offering a wide range of vocational, technical, professional and academic programmes to suit all abilities and requirements
  • Free health care and excellent international student aid services for the duration of your studies.
  • British Universities are often ruling in international and nationally recognised research quality.

Flexible Education System

The UK education system is tractable, so you can study in a way that matches your way of living and career ambitions. When you study in the UK you meet people from different nationalities, sharing their backgrounds and discovering new outlooks.

The Merits of studying in the UK

  • The UK endeavors 5 per cent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 per cent of the world’s most often cited papers.
  • As a student you get the chance to be taught by the world's leading academics and experts; you also gain from their persistent academic support.
  • UK degrees can be tailored to your interests and often include specialised modules.
  • The UK is the home of English hence a perfect place to upgrade language skills and evolve employment prospects.


 We were provided a list of all the good colleges based on our Subject and profile. The List was well segregated into ambitious, Moderate and safe on the basis of our chances to get admit from them. This proved very helpful to narrow down of the final list of universities where I could apply. Samples of all the documents required during the entire process were mailed from time to time. Also pre-filled application forms of any 3 Universities were given per student. The drafts of SOPs and LOR were reviewed for corrections and improvements were suggested. Overall experience was good. The process was made easy by the help offered by Radhika Ma’am and guidance offered by Sir.

-Prachi V Marathe, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities-USA

  KES provided me with detailed info-about all universities related to my specialization which greatly helped me to shortlist my universities. KES provided me with all info, regarding documentation read, for me applications. Also they were very highly responsive to any queries I had during the online application process. A mock interview was also conducted which helped boost my confidence for the final interview. A mock interview was also conducted which helped boost my confidence for the final interview. KES has been very helpful while answering any queries. I have had, on phone as well as in person.

-Priyank Deshpande, Georgia Institute of Technology-USA

 KES provided me with universities according to my GRE and TOEFL marks which were very good university. KES helped with every academic documents like SOP, LORs, Resume and I think SOP and LOR’s are the most important part of admission process. Mock Interview was great. First, he scared me with his questions but later gave me suggestions how to improve and work on it. Great Counseling services. You just believe in them and go step – by – step with them and everything would be a café-walk.

-Ramprasad B.Parajuli, George Mason University-USA

 KES gave me important links and information about different universities that helped me in finalization of the universities to which I must apply. The entire application process was clearly explained to me by Kohli Sir. He ensured that I do not miss any document from my application packet. He made valuable correction in my SOP, LORs, CV, etc. The mock visa interview sessions conducted by Kohli Sir were also helpful. The checklist given by them for visa documentation was very exhaustive and ensured that I do not miss any document. KES has guided me from the time of selection of universities, preparation of documents and application process till my visa interview and shall continue to do so. I am highly satisfied by their services.

-Rishipal Singh Bhatia, Georgia Institute of Technology-USA

 KES keeps in mind the profile of the students and shortlist appropriate universities for the same. Students often receive better admits than their actual profile. One of the most highlighting points of KES is the guidance for documentation. Sir guides us with perfect answers and also answers our queries. Iam glad I registered with KES. They provided one excellent guidance. Association with KES was very fulfilling and fruitful. Thank you.

-Rufina B. Chettiar, University of Massachusetts Amherst-USA

 KES helps throughout from your application process to visa counseling. The University selection process was quite focused to my field of study. I was provided with a list of good universities and their related links. Whatever Sir says, implement it. As in case of Profile building, he might give you ideas for the same but it’s you who has to apply and strengthen your profile. Feel Free and take as much advantage as you can from KES. KES resolved my doubts and reduced my work burden to a great extent as I had a pathway ahead of me provided by KES. I was free to call KES anytime and my query was immediately resolved. Just feel free to ask, don’t hesitate. All your doubts will be solved by Sir or Radhika Ma’am.

-Samarth Shah, University of Pennsylvania-USA

 The selection process went very smoothly. Sir gave right guidance and Radhika ma’am was always there to help. The mock interview gave a lot of confidence and covered all the possible questions. Staff very Co-operative. Especially Radhika Ma’am. She was always there to help. Very convenient to solve doubts as she would solve there over the phone itself. Overall experience was simply great. Everything/ went very smooth and entire process was done well in advance. Guided very well.

-Sanskriti Shivaji Pahinkar, University of Minnesota, twin cities-USA

 “KRAFT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES” is just excellent. Their time to time help and guidance krafted my future, Because of KES I am able to get into a very good university with low GRE score. University selection process was very good, KES provided me time to time information about university and helped me to select best universities for my choice of course. Sir’s experience has helped me a lot to prepare for my VISA interview, a detailed questionnaires and how to answer it information is really helpful. Whenever we have any doubts or queries, KES (Sir) just solved that doubts or queries on just one call. KES provides excellent service to solve doubts, KES is very good in solving financial issues and in selection of course according to our profile.

-Shah Sanket Umeshbhai, University of Texas at Arlington-USA