About Us

With over 20 years of experience, Kraft Educational Services (KES) has established unique counselling techniques which bears testimony to success of our students getting admissions in top ranked universities with scholarships.

KES is an overseas education consultancy guiding students wishing to study abroad and committed to delivering high quality programmes to aspiring students. With a fundamental focus on closing the gap between education and industry, KES aims to focus on learner achievements and outcomes. With a range of courses designed for individuals seeking academic pathways to further studies or acquiring industry relevant skills, we have a course that is best suited to learning needs and aspirations of all our students.

Our mission

  • To clear all the doubts and myths of students surrounding overseas education through our premier career counselling services.
  • To provide up-to date information and course details of universities in USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada and other countries.
  • To recommend the right course for each candidate after analysing their skills, their education and financial background.
  • To help the students in getting their VISA approved by providing efficient tips and properly verified documents.

Our VISION is always to provide best services to the students and help our students to succeed in their studies and future career.

KES is dedicated to providing the required direction to students from short-listing the appropriate Universities / Colleges to making University applications, liaising with Universities on admission decisions, visa guidance and other value-added services like applying for scholarships, financial aid, education loans, selecting the accommodation, buying forex, and even ticketing so that several students can fly together. We mean – we provide a ‘Total Solution’ truly.

All the Counseling process is done by our Director and CEO Manmohan Kohli Sir, an alumni of IIT Delhi, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo providing with one-to-one personal interaction with all the individual students to take care of their career and educational choices, who will help you sort out, organise, and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

With such a huge rich experience in this field, we differ from every other consultancy agencies and provide best possible solutions to all our students and we also have a very high student visa success rate.


 I prepared my resume, SOP. Sir made the necessary corrections and sent it to me. Hence my resume, SOP and LOR’s stood out from the rest. During office hours, Sir is always available on the phone. You can ask him any doubts even if they sound silly to you. He always clarifies them well enough. Right from drafting of my SOP, LOR, resume till the date of visa interview, KES was very supportive. I would certainly recommend KES to my fellow juniors.

- Kunal kulkarni, NCSU-USA

 I had a GRE score of 296 and TOEFL of 89; however this did not discourage me. My overall aggregate is 63% wherein KRAFT helped me draft a very good SOP, Resume and LOR’s which helped me get into an ambitious university. Also my work experience into analysis was rewarding. Kraft services helped me get into a ambitious university and made me realize that your entire packet holds weight and not only the GRE and TOEFL scores.

- Giselle Picardo, North Eastern University-USA

 There are hundreds of universities in the USA. But, choosing the perfect set of Universities which suits your profile and interest is really a daunting task. However, Sir has guided me really well and have got 4 admits. The Documentation is the most important step in your application process. It’s your SOP, LOR and your overall profile that maximize your chances of getting admits. KES, provided me well written SOPs, LORs and CVs which bolstered my application. I have been really fortunate enough to have associated with KES. They provided a complete package and guided me on every step of application.

-Saurabh S Kardile, Arizona State University-USA

 University selection process was very good. Got list of Universities categorize in Ambitious, Mod and safe as per my GRE and TOEFL score. The list also provided department specific links to universities which helped a lot. The LOR’s and SOP were the documents which were edited finely. Provided sample formats for reference which were very useful.

-Nikhil Sawal, Arizona State University-USA

 Right from the start where I was pretty confused about the universities I was going to apply, KES helped me finalized the best universities as per any undergraduate percentage and my GRE/TOEFL score. I would totally recommend KES to students since I was very satisfied with the counseling that they provide, and you can be assured to get into a good university with their guidance.

-Lester Ignatius Pereira, University of Mary Land, College park-USA

 Provide an excellent list of universities depending upon your GRE score and your interested course. Very helpful in making changes and editing of documents like SOP, Letter of Recommendations and Resume. Provide you with a great set of questions covering all topics that can be asked during the visa interview. A very good experience. The Staff was very helpful.

-Kirk Pereira, University of Texas at Dallas

 Handling of problems has to be the best part about Radhika Ma’am and Kohli Sir. All the doubts were cleared instantly on the alone. I personally had tons of doubts, even then they always responded in a good mature manner. The answers too were on spot related to the questions. Overall, I would rate my experience with Kraft a 4.5 on a scale of 5. Right from University Selection to Visa, all the aspects were dealth properly. And also I must say GRE is not the only thing which is being considered for admissions. Even a low GRE and a Good Academics would work in your favor. If its Study Abroad, It has to be Kraft.

-Mansuri Mohammed Aaqib, San Jose State University-USA

 Sir provided a detailed list of good, reputed universities (links + word doc) after discussing at length the most suitable and in-demand courses for MS. The advice of concentrating on ‘profile-building’ along with GRE, TOEFL scores proved helpful to form a good resume. This was clearly indicated by me bagging not only a good university but also assistantship and full tuition fee waiver. The detailed list including do’s and don’ts, documents to be carried was helpful. Also links and instructions indicating how to register an appointment for VISA and fee payment, reduced a whole lot of trouble of scurrying various sites. It has been enlightening as merely applying to universities with only my academic records would not have sufficed. Timely and persistent guidance in the form of course selection, Profile building, workshops to be attended, VISA application, docs for application to universities, all these sessions led to an organized and focussed way to getting the university of my choice + course of my liking. I recommend KES strongly, it has been a wonderful association.

-Divya Chandrakant Bala, Virginia Polytechnic and State University-USA