Kraft was very organized with respect to the selection process. Everything was done systematically and all queries were solved from time to time. The staff is very approachable. A comparatively low GRE score of 312 did not keep sir back from encouraging me to apply as I had a strong overall profile. They were extremely prompt with all their replies and very helpful and encouraging in every way.

-Ayesha S. Chimnani, University of Pennsylvania

 KES instilled in me the faith that a low GRE score should not deter one from pursing masters in the US. It rightfully showed me that it is the aggregate and LOR/SOP which matters which was proved true when I got 5/6 admits. The long application process which is tedious is made easier by KES with a step by step procedure. The documents provided by them such as SOP, LORs are of great help in order to put your words into thoughts and help prepare these documents. Thank you KES for such a wonderful experience.

-Kush J Shah, University of Colorado Boulder

 I was guided very effectively about all the universities I wanted to apply. I was mailed all the possible details for my application process. I was given an elaborate questionnaire which helped me to prepare well. The mock interview made me more confident and I know where I had to focus on. All my doubts were answered very quickly and always were a phone call away. It has been a very fulfilling experience and a good decision from my side. I thank Kraft for all their guidance towards my masters.

-Saachi Sahni, Kelley School of Business Indiana University

 KES was very helpful. Thorough Guidance in the entire selection process. Extreme care taken, my needs of the universities with a good course were covered thoroughly. Guided thoroughly by Ma’am and sir. Excellent service especially to make transcripts, LORs and SOPs. Mock Interview was apt and gave me a proper preparation. The Questionnaire was precise and had all the possible questions which was very helpful. It was very helpful. Glad I joined it as most of the students that joined any other consultation agency or did it themselves have not been admitted. The process was made easy, thanks to KES. Excellent exposure.

-Lekha Asnani, University of Florida

 Kraft has played a major role in my higher education plans. The most important problem while planning to go to U.S for higher education is University Selection. If it goes wrong then the entire career falls apart. This problem was very carefully handled and tackled by Kraft Services. You have a problem, even a silliest of doubt, just pick up your mobile and call up Kraft. They are very humble in answering each of your queries with much detail. I thank Kraft services from my heart who have helped me to better my career now.

-Amey M Pisat, Georgia Institute of Technology

 Exhaustive research on universities was provided. Immense help given on deciding the final list of universities. Completely filled sample forms of several universities was provided, which helped in preparing the documents. For Visa Counseling, every possibility and question was covered. Do’s and Don’ts were explained very well. I had a tremendous help, without which I would not have been able to complete my tasks on time. I was helped at each and every step of my application from university selection to Visa.

-Sumit Bhagwanani,  NCSU

 Despite not having a great GRE score or great academics (agg. 68.9%), I was not made to feel any less than the other applicants. My achievements in sports, cultural, seminars, and workshops was highlighted to portray me as a leader in different field. They made use of my best assets to project me with a great profile which helped me get admission in University of California, Irvine (UCI) in which from entire India, they accept maximum 6-7 students.

-Jinellz D’Souza,  University of California, Irvine (UCI)

 It has been a smooth and wonderful experience. They have helped at every stage tremendously and made the entire process a cake-walk. Very helpful in handling all doubts. They immediately respond via phone or email and ensure to give satisfying reply. One of the best VISA counselors around, they keep you absolutely prepared right from the most minor documents to answering any question in the interview. They’ve always helped for everything and never lost patience.

-Karan A. Bhandarkar,  Pennsylvania State University

 My experience with KES for university selection process was very good, they give complete details of all the universities offering the intended course and factors involved choosing it. Visa Counseling was amazing, they made me prepare for all the possible VISA questions that could be asked in the interview. My overall experience was very good. The services offered by them were sufficient. For me, it was just a dream to go to the US and they made it possible by assisting whenever I needed.

-Akshay Chhabria, Columbia University

 With low GRE scores mainly in quants, I was able to get into a good university of my field of Interest. With proper career counseling, KES helped me select universities best suited for my profile in my field of specialization. All the documents needed during the application was provided through mails and hard copies. All the queries were handled either in person or by telephone.

-Tripti Attavar, University of Colorado at Boulder

 The most important doubt was cleared by Sir was, Should I be taking GRE again? Since I was having 1180 in GRE with 680 in Quants and Sir convinced me that I can make it into a good university and I managed to get into PITT and I have other admits as well. PITT is an ambitious university for my profile, yet I managed to get admission. Thank you KES.

-Omkar Manohar Ghag, University of Pitsburgh

 Both Manmohan Sir and Radhika Ma’am were extremely approachable for any doubts and queries at any time. For University selection, I was given a list of Universities which best suited my area of specialization and my profile. I never thought that I would get such good admits with a low GRE score. Its “KES” who made me realize that academics and TOEFL also count a lot and helped me fetch 4 good admits.

-Poonam Bhide, University of Illinois at Chicago

 As per my personal experience through KES, GRE is not the only criteria. I have not that great GRE score but overall decent profile. For Visa Counseling, all the probable questions are told and they help us a lot in finalizing answers and tell us how to be specific with your answers that is what VISA officers are looking for. Iam very well satisfied with services offered by KES.

-Aditya J Kulkarni, State University of New York- Stony Brook

 KES offered very systematic selection process. Always available for any doubts on the phone or personally. Also suggested best universities with a low GRE score like mine (1240/1600) and made me realize that GRE score is not the most important thing. Extensive preparation for visa interview and mock interview sessions which helped me prepare well for my interview. I had a very good experience with KES. Excellent Management.

-Akshay M. Prabhu, Arizona State University

 Amazing experience with KES because at such low GRE and TOEFL, I got admit from top 15 ranked university. There are very minor doubts because Radhika Ma’am clears all the doubts by mailing all the documents from time to time. Recos , SOPs are excellent and very well drafted which are provided within 2-3 days which is excellent. Excellent Visa Counselling. Thank you KES.

-Romil Bhayani, University of Maryland, College Park

 The Universities suggested by sir helped me to finalize my list of universities. The model LOR/Resume/ SOP formats provided by sir helped me draft my own and his vital inputs and final editing made my documentation process very easy. VISA questionnaire given was very comprehensive and covered all the possible questions to be asked in the interview. All my doubts were cleared by Ma’am and Sir whenever I called them. The experience was really satisfying. The entire process would have been difficult without Sir’s Counseling.

-Samir Katte, UCLA

 My experience with KES was very good. I received great amount of help with the selection of universities as I had a very minimal knowledge regarding that. Preparation of SOP’s, LOR’s, Resume was very easy for me as most part of it was done by KES with some inputs from me. The entire process was carried out smoothly only because of the help received from KES. Iam very grateful to KES.

-Neeraj Nayak, University of Southern California

 Counseling was excellent, The process was smooth and systematic. Getting into a high ranked university with a low GRE score was astonishing. The SOP and LOR was thoroughly checked. The doubts were promptly solved either on the phone or through emails. The overall experience was very satisfying. There were no issues in the process. I would like to thank Kohli Sir and Radhika Ma’am for the same.

-Bharath Jayaram, University of Maryland, College Park

 Well guided approach. All the Pros and Cons of all Universities were explained well. Doubts were duly cleared. Complete support in preparing documentation. Excellent Sample SOPs, LORs and other financial documentation guide. Excellent flexibility in appointment adjustment. GRE is not that important, just Follow guidelines by KES and you will be successful.

-Abhijit C Patil, University of Pennsylvania-IVY League

 One-to-One Selection Procedure was very good. Detailed Explanation of Courses and Curriculum were provided. Good, Elaborative Questionnaire was provided along with personal attention. Excellent handling of problems and comprehensive solutions were provided. KES was of great help in all the steps of applying. Made it very easy, Really good experience.

-Akash Ajmera, Columbia University

 Stepwise counseling was very helpful which made easy deciding ambitious, moderate and safe universities. Helped in SOP and Reco’s by providing sample Resume, SOP and Reco’s. A PDF document with answers were provided for Visa Counseling to fill DS-160 form otherwise would have been difficult without your help. It was well organized and the main advantage was individual counseling. From deciding university to applying for VISA, KES has been of great help.

-Nishant N. Mehta, University of Wisconsin Madison

 Iam very much satisfied with the overall experience of University Application. KES was available at all times to clear my doubts regarding all matters. The VISA counseling process was the best that I could ever hope for. A detailed information about all forms for VISA was given, making it a very smooth process. I was given visting dates according to my convenience and my queries were entertained over telephone during all week days.

-Kelkar Ninad Pradeep, University of Maryland, College Park

 Kraft has really been helpful all along the process. They have helped me build a great profile which is more important than GRE and TOEFL scores. Kraft provided great SOP’s and LOR’s which also helped to secure a good university. Kraft is always available to handle your problems and provide appointments at an earliest date. The Document list provided is exhaustive and complete and there is no way of going wrong there.

-Udit Mehta, University of Pennsylvania-IVY League

 A lot of help from Radhika Ma’am in selecting universities in ambitious, moderate and safe categories. Sir helped in finding research info at certain universities. Always available through phone call, even for the silliest of doubt. Visa application process was made very easy by the instruction manuals and sample forms sent by KES. Excellent counseling on arranging finances.

-Sumedha Bhangale, University of Texas at Austin

 KES allowed me to apply to a variety of Universities and not just safe universities. Selection was based on Curriculum (Course), Job Opportunities. KES provided all drafts and formats in steps as per the admission process. All the doubts were clarified in person or phone. Most importantly, KES focused mostly on Profile Building (Project, Seminars, Internships) rather than GRE Scores.

-Shalaka Parab, University of Texas at Dallas

 KES ensured that a good documentation can easily overcome a low GRE score. Only because of their help in documentation I could get into such a good university. They always helped me with any kind of doubts. Even with the silliest ones. My overall experience has been very good with KES.

-Dhawal Doshi, North Eastern University

 My experience with KES has been great. I have managed my entire application process without any difficulties all because of their help. Always available to solve any of your problems in the best way possible. They would look into our background and academics and put down the best options that would suit us. For Visa Counseling, they prepare you for the best as well as for the worst which helps you gain confidence. I would totally recommend KES to all.

-Faza Anjum, Syracuse University

 KES has a very systematic approach which gave me confidence and avoided any confusion. KES provided me with a list of all documents to be prepared, well in advance so that I was thoroughly prepared. They answered all my doubts promptly as well as financial queries that my parents had. The Visa questionnaire is extremely helpful it made me search about my course and university in detail.

-Sanchit S.vedak, Rutgers – State University of New Jersey

 My Overall Experience with KES was great. Made me realise what goes into a great application like profile building, Co/extra curricular activities, internships along with academics and GRE/TOEFL. Very helpful throughout the application process and after it. Prompt in replies to queries over the phone and over the net. Provided important details regarding the application over the phone.

-Mihir Jayavant, Texas A&M University, College Station

 KES made me realize the fact that apart from good academic background and profile documents like LOR, SOP are most important for applying to universities. Visa Process is little complicated and KES makes it easy. It provided me with all the details right from scratch of how to start till end. Its totally worth to join KES. You will find your investment in KES really useful. The hectic process becomes very simple.

-Swaroop Srinivasrao, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

 My GRE score was very low. I thought I won’t get admit from good university but KES helped me to make LOR, SOP and Resume. I think I got admit because of my LOR, SOP and Resume Application Process/ Documentation is ‘BEST’ in KES. They were always ready to help me in my doubts and queries. KES made all the process of application very easy.

-Abhisek Dhakar, California state University, Long Beach

  Very good Experience, will definitely give reference to future students. KES made me realize that GRE and TOEFL scores are not the only criteria, even academics are not the only criteria. Documents play a major role in the process. Well documented profile can get you admission in a good university. KES gave me exact and up-to-date information about all universities in specialization and also guided me throughout the entire process very smoothly.

-Aniruddha Nandam, Syracuse University

 A lengthy process made very smooth due to the systematic approach. KES provided all information about each and every document needed was provided in detail. Did not face any difficulty regarding the application process. Prompt in response, satisfactory in explanations of all the doubts. Very good. The systematic approach followed here is appreciable which helps us explore the universities and thereby makes selection easy.

-Aniket Satish Patwardhan, Georgia Institute of Technology-USA

 KES was very helpful. According to your profile, providing various options from which you can choose whichever suits you best. Prepare your visa by having mocking visa based on a set of questionnaire and helping you to build your answers perfectly. Guidance in understanding the application process and preparing the documentation is excellent. Just a phone call away with quick solutions.

-Devendra B.Bhangale, University of North Carolina at Charlotte-USA

 KES gave me vast numbers of university for consideration and helpful to select & overviewing each factor for selection. The main thing I admire was my doubts were resolved with immediate response. Also the solution was very good. Need not worry about Visa counseling because all the possible questions and queries was provided before hand and also took a mock interview which was a big relief. Covered all the points related to visa. Documentation process was meticulously planned. Not a single document was missing throughout admission and visa process. I was saved of all the hectic process with your help so Thank you!!!

-Dhawal Kabra, NYU Polytechnic Institute of Engineering-USA

 Kraft was just a phone call away whenever I needed any help and they created a personalized list of best college for me as per my profile. Examples of sample essays and recommendation were extremely helpful. The mock interview helped me build confidence and strengthen my preparation for the VISA interview. They were just a phone call away in case of any help. And also prompt reply to all my mails. Thanks for all the help!

-Vanessa Pais, Syracuse University-USA

 Frankly speaking, I personally had only a couple of universities in mind when the application process began. But thanks to KES, I was able to apply to the ‘correct’ universities. The thing to remember is at least 1 admit you should get, that’s the aim! Choose the university wisely. Thanks to KES’s help I applied to the right universities and I got 6 admits to show for it!! Both Kohli Sir and Radhika Madam have consistently replied to any and every query with good measure. There is a lot of anxiousness while applying to any universities for MS and it helps to have them on our side to guide us through the entire process. Overall…KES has helped me at almost every stage of the entire process. Right from documentation to preparation for visa Interview. It’s been an enjoyable experience.

-Amit A.Maroli, Arizona State University-USA

 My experience with kraft was wonderful. It made my application and visa process so easy which I thought would be very complicated and difficult a year ago. Kraft has guided me throughout my application process which made it very efficient. Visa counseling is much appreciated. Radhika Ma’am and Manmohan Sir were always available whenever I needed them. All the information needed was conveyed to me at right time. It is very flexible with timings. Thank you so much Sir and Ma’am.

-Vinit Mehta, California State University at Fullerton-USA

 Kraft was just a phone call away whenever I needed any help and they created a personalized list of best college for me as per my profile. Examples of sample essays and recommendation were extremely helpful. The mock interview helped me build confidence and strengthen my preparation for the VISA interview. They were just a phone call away in case of any help. And also prompt reply to all my mails. Thanks for all the help!

-Vanessa Pais, Syracuse University-USA

 Kraft encouraged to select not only safe universities but a lot of ambitious universities like Upenn, Cornell, UCLA, etc. All the doubts I had, were answered and solved promptly and not just face to face but also over the email and phone. All the information about how to obtain which document from college (like transcripts or ranking certificates) was provided to me. The encouragement given to apply to top universities and the detailed step – by – step information given about the application right from the documentation till the Visa interview, were the best things about joining KES.

-Sarvesh Surendra Patkar, University of Pennsylvania-USA

 Since I had a GRE score below 300, selection of university was a very crucial step in my Application process. KES has guided me really well with the University Selection process. They are very helpful when it comes to solving your doubts and queries. You can contact them at any time for clearing your doubts. The Visa Questionnaire covers all possible points which could be asked in the VISA interview; which makes you more confident for the interview. It was a good experience. Satisfied with the service.

-Swati Rao, Long Island University-USA

 Kraft helped me immensely during the first step and one of the most important steps of Application. I was encouraged to apply to universities which need a really good GRE score. I can now say that GRE isn’t everything and overall profile matters the constant support given by Kraft definitely has worked on my favor. Iam thankful to Kraft as they helped me in getting admits from Columbia, Cornell, Northeastern, Drexel, University of Texas at Dallas, SUNY-Stony Brook and so on. Their Systematic approach and affable nature made me feel comfortable and proud of my achievements. Thanks a ton!

-Shreya Kumar, Columbia University-USA

 Based on my research interest, Sir has sent the links of the best universities at the start of counseling. A proper detailed documents needed from applying to universities was given by Sir. The questions asked by sir has given me a glance of how my visa interview would be. Problems were solved on call all the time by ma’am as well as Sir. Appointments were given according to time. It was a good experience with KES.

-Shradda Patil, University of Southern California-USA

 University selection process was great! A lot of universities, their pros and cons were discussed, making the entire selection process smooth. Official formats, deadlines, common mistakes, etc. in documentation helped me apply early. Past student experiences, documents for applying for VISA, mock interviews, etc. were given. Handling of doubts were great, on a priority basis when urgent. Overall it was a great experience.

-Suhani Singhal, University of Columbia-USA

 KES-One of the main reason in successfully completing the entire admission process. List of universities provided by them was well sorted out and categorized depending on the student. Application process was clarified and helped while drafting all the documents. Visa Counseling is also upto mark. The weak points were notified. Also the formats of financial documents are very helpful. Will also suggest others to join if they are pursuing any level of education.

-Karam T. Magiya, University of Florida-USA

 Very detailed University selection process. Information about every possible university was provided. Very good questionnaire and mock interview. Overall complete preparation. Application process and documentation was excellent. Sir mailed me every document before hand and helped me in preparing my SOP and LOR. My experience with KES was very good. Helped a lot in my application process. Got 6 out of 8 admits.

-Kunal Sandesh Amare, Virginia Tech-USA

 An extensive list of universities suitable for my profile and selected field was provided to me. Also the entire process of filling up application forms, paying the application fee and mailing the documents was carefully explained. An extensive questionnaire of all the visa questions was provided along with answers which proved to be really helpful. All the doubts can be easily cleared out over the call. Sir and Ma’am are always available. I had a very good experience with KES. During my first meet, sir had said that only GRE does not account for. And it proved to be true. So don’t worry even if you don’t score great in GRE. Build a strong profile in your selected field of interest and success is sure to follow.

-Madhura M.Pendbhaje, University of Colorado, Boulder-USA

 University selection procedure was quite great. They help by providing a list of good universities which helps us to shortlist the universities accordingly. Any doubts, queries I had, is solved completely by KES. They reply to the queries via Email/Telephone on time. Mock Visa Interview helps us to prepare for the worst, KES ensures that the student is prepared to face any type of questions asked by the officials. Overall Experience is good and it’s really important to join KES before appearing for GRE as they help in making our views crystal clear and set our plan of acting accordingly.

-Kuljeet Singh Gugnani, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and health sciences-USA

 The University selection process is very complex but it was made easier by Kraft education services. KES provided me with the dummy forms of all the universities which I wanted to apply, which made the application process very simple. Also, all the loop holes in my resume were brought to noise and then was guided accordingly to build my overall profile. For all my problems and queries, related to finance and universities, Sir instantly guided me and solved all the problems. My overall experience with Kraft education services was indeed very good. It helped me solve all my doubts and queries and guided me properly through all stages of my plans to pursue master degree in US.

-Moksharth Doshi, University of North Carolina,Charlotte-USA

 List of universities and their detailed links were provided. Further search on them became much more stream lined and comprehensive. Excellent help with completing application forms and prompt solving of any kinds of doubts eliminated the chances of mistakes. Extremely forthcoming to solve the silliest of your problems very specific in solving them. Through the entire process we could call him anytime and “n” number of times! VISA is very person specific. Personal and detailed guideline given to every student is extremely helpful and very much necessary. No unrealistic promises were made. They keep you ready for the worst which is extremely important. KRAFT is there to solve your problems and guide you through, ALWAYS!

-Namrata Kedia, Virginia Tech-USA

 I was provided with in depth detail of all the universities including the course structure, fee structure etc. helping selection of university very easy. With a meagre score of 307, I got admits from almost all the universities I applied to that included some top universities too. All the credits to the accurate and precise documentation and help at every single step of application process. All my queries/doubts or any single and smallest hurdle were cleared right away. Can always turn to them at any point of time. I have recommended KES to a couple of my colleagues as well as my brother. I would strongly recommend to people who want an admit in some top universities.

-Nihar Rasiklal Ribadiya, George Masori-USA

 KES was very thorough in explaining how I should go about the selection process. They helped me with how to judge universities, research opportunities, quality of professors, etc. KES provided good detailed instructions on how to prepare all necessary documentation. Kohli Sir personally reviews and corrects all admission related documents. VISA counselling is very detailed. All possible questions/factors are considered in the preparation process. Emails detailing what documents to carry, how to full forms are sent regularly. Queries are solved immediately for most cases. Kohli Sir is available for solving most issues himself. I would encourage students to make use of their excellent counseling services.

-Sumit Gouthaman, UCLA-USA

 I was helped to select universities that suit my profile the best. My field of specialization was taken into account while selecting the universities. My doubts and queries were quickly addressed. Always approachable, can be reached easily over phone and email. Mock interview was very good. I got to know what and how exactly I have to prepare. I got a feel pf the real interview. Provided me with good information regarding applicant requirements. Helped me to write good SOPs and LOR. My experience with KES is very good. The counseling sessions helped me to complete my applications on time. The VISA counseling is also very good.

-Tanvi S Bedekar, University of Cincinnati-USA

 Kraft helped me shortlist the university. They were good in telling which university are safe and which are moderate and ambitious. So I was able to shortlist best universities according to my profile. Kraft provided me with a best of documents needed at each stage. Thus I was able to keep all my documents ready at the time of application. The VISA Questionnaire provided by Kraft covers all the topics which can be asked. Also the visa mock interview helped me prepare better for the final date. I had a good overall experience with Kraft from getting the documents ready, preparing application, applying to universities and finally till the interview.

-Trever Claude Lewis, University of Southern California-USA

 I had a smooth and most wonderful experience with KES. They have helped me tremendously towards my goal for higher studies. I strongly recommend them to all students. Kraft provided me with a detailed list of universities offering my course of interest so I could find out which and choose the best. They evaluated my profile and helped me with the final selections. Any problems were immediately attended to either over the phone or via emails or if necessary in person. It helped for a smooth application process. Kraft has thoroughly prepared me with all possible questions for the visa interview and also write financial, academic, university specific documents.

-Vidhi Khawra, University of Minnesota-USA

 More than satisfied with KES. Provide guidance at every stage of application from documentation application and VISA. Always available on call, emails are also timely replied, you can always take an appointment if you have doubt. Sir conducts mock interview which really provides a good experience before the real VISA Interview. All the questions are covered. Documentation was excellent; KES provides with templates for Recommendations and SOP just you have to fill up your personal information. Satisfied with KES services. Provided me with the list of universities and also brief information on them.

-Aniket Puranit, Rochester Institute of Technology-USA

 KES - The best ever counsellor I met. I just had to demand and the facilities, solutions were provided. The documents provided were very much helpful. I had to not take much pain in generating the documents. All the sample documents very ready. The mock interview gave an excellent background prior to the actual interview. Helped me boost my confidence. My queries were just a phone call away. They made sure we have no confusion throughout any process. They provided me with wide range of universities and made the selection process easier.

-Anuja Vaidya, Portland State University-USA

 University selection process was very good. They look at your entire profile and help you choose universities accordingly. Classify universities into categories like ambitious, moderate and safe that helped to select which better universities for me to apply are. There was never a delay in clearing my doubts and queries. The documents that need to be prepared are created very neatly. The mock interview covers all the likely questions. They prepare you with the answers as well. My overall experience with KES was fantastic and I recommend it to others who wish their journey throughout the application process goes smoothly.

-Anushree Pethe, Arizona state University-USA

 KES provided me with precise list of universities only after going through the profile of students. Entire steps of application process were mailed on regular basis. Documentation was done before hand due to prompt mails. Good counseling, proper time to each student, good study of student profile, VISA application was done properly, good and brief questionnaire, mock interview helps well to increase confidence, doubts were regularly ensured via phone calls.

-Devki Sanjay Ambekar, Arizona State University-USA

 “KRAFT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES” is just excellent. Their time to time help and guidance krafted my future, Because of KES I am able to get into a very good university with low GRE score. University selection process was very good, KES provided me time to time information about university and helped me to select best universities for my choice of course. Sir’s experience has helped me a lot to prepare for my VISA interview, a detailed questionnaires and how to answer it information is really helpful. Whenever we have any doubts or queries, KES (Sir) just solved that doubts or queries on just one call. KES provides excellent service to solve doubts, KES is very good in solving financial issues and in selection of course according to our profile.

-Shah Sanket Umeshbhai, University of Texas at Arlington-USA

 We were provided a list of all the good colleges based on our Subject and profile. The List was well segregated into ambitious, Moderate and safe on the basis of our chances to get admit from them. This proved very helpful to narrow down of the final list of universities where I could apply. Samples of all the documents required during the entire process were mailed from time to time. Also pre-filled application forms of any 3 Universities were given per student. The drafts of SOPs and LOR were reviewed for corrections and improvements were suggested. Overall experience was good. The process was made easy by the help offered by Radhika Ma’am and guidance offered by Sir.

-Prachi V Marathe, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities-USA

  KES provided me with detailed info-about all universities related to my specialization which greatly helped me to shortlist my universities. KES provided me with all info, regarding documentation read, for me applications. Also they were very highly responsive to any queries I had during the online application process. A mock interview was also conducted which helped boost my confidence for the final interview. A mock interview was also conducted which helped boost my confidence for the final interview. KES has been very helpful while answering any queries. I have had, on phone as well as in person.

-Priyank Deshpande, Georgia Institute of Technology-USA

 According for selecting universities, GRE is not that important. I always used to think that with good GRE and TOEFL marks. I will get good universities but there are also other factors such as social work, technical paper and extracurricular activities.

-Abhijeet Sanjay Bhosale, University of Texas Arlington

 KES provided me with universities according to my GRE and TOEFL marks which were very good university. KES helped with every academic documents like SOP, LORs, Resume and I think SOP and LOR’s are the most important part of admission process. Mock Interview was great. First, he scared me with his questions but later gave me suggestions how to improve and work on it. Great Counseling services. You just believe in them and go step – by – step with them and everything would be a café-walk.

-Ramprasad B.Parajuli, George Mason University-USA

 KES gave me important links and information about different universities that helped me in finalization of the universities to which I must apply. The entire application process was clearly explained to me by Kohli Sir. He ensured that I do not miss any document from my application packet. He made valuable correction in my SOP, LORs, CV, etc. The mock visa interview sessions conducted by Kohli Sir were also helpful. The checklist given by them for visa documentation was very exhaustive and ensured that I do not miss any document. KES has guided me from the time of selection of universities, preparation of documents and application process till my visa interview and shall continue to do so. I am highly satisfied by their services.

-Rishipal Singh Bhatia, Georgia Institute of Technology-USA

 KES keeps in mind the profile of the students and shortlist appropriate universities for the same. Students often receive better admits than their actual profile. One of the most highlighting points of KES is the guidance for documentation. Sir guides us with perfect answers and also answers our queries. Iam glad I registered with KES. They provided one excellent guidance. Association with KES was very fulfilling and fruitful. Thank you.

-Rufina B. Chettiar, University of Massachusetts Amherst-USA

 KES helps throughout from your application process to visa counseling. The University selection process was quite focused to my field of study. I was provided with a list of good universities and their related links. Whatever Sir says, implement it. As in case of Profile building, he might give you ideas for the same but it’s you who has to apply and strengthen your profile. Feel Free and take as much advantage as you can from KES. KES resolved my doubts and reduced my work burden to a great extent as I had a pathway ahead of me provided by KES. I was free to call KES anytime and my query was immediately resolved. Just feel free to ask, don’t hesitate. All your doubts will be solved by Sir or Radhika Ma’am.

-Samarth Shah, University of Pennsylvania-USA

 The selection process went very smoothly. Sir gave right guidance and Radhika ma’am was always there to help. The mock interview gave a lot of confidence and covered all the possible questions. Staff very Co-operative. Especially Radhika Ma’am. She was always there to help. Very convenient to solve doubts as she would solve there over the phone itself. Overall experience was simply great. Everything went very smooth and entire process was done well in advance. Guided very well.

-Sanskriti Shivaji Pahinkar, University of Minnesota, twin cities-USA

 Kohli sir was very helpful and accurate in his judgment. Helped me select some very good universities and I got admits from all ambitious universities. The list of questions to be prepared was very complete and comprehensive. Didn’t have to search for any other questions. Gave good tips in mock visa session. Overall experience was Excellent. I would recommend students to join.

-Disha Gadre, North Carolina State University-USA

 KES is very helpful and my experience was good with them. All doubts were cleared at the time of problem. I got the list of university without doing research and all universities were good for my specialization. I got the questionnaire before VISA interview and all the questions covered all the topics which one might be encountered during interview. Application process was explained in advance and went smoothly.

-Varun Choubey, California State University Long beach-USA

 KES really helped a lot especially for those who have no idea of the entire process. Handling of doubts was effectively done on phone or in person. Helped shortlist universities according to my profile. Helped with recommendation and SOP. For Visa Counseling, they sent all mails which helped to manage for documents. Thankyou.

-Harshal Khandare, Rochester Institute of Technology-USA

  KES provided me with list of universities that fit my profile and which had good research and curriculum. They also helped me rectify my mistakes in SOP and Resume. Provided me with sample application forms. Checked my documents and conducted a mock interview which was of great help. They solved all my doubts via phone calls and emails. And this was done promptly. I had a great experience and counseling certainly helped me in more than one way.

-Manish Trivedi, Arizona State University-USA

 KES provided me with a good list of universities to select from. The university were Iam going was selected by KES. Sir provided me with a proper list of the documents to be prepared for the Application Process. Everything was covered. KES answer all the problems/doubts/queries with proper answers. All the doubts are solved. Sir conducts a proper mock Interview wherein he highlights the deticlencer and tells the students where to improve. His help for document preparation was crucial. I would recommend KES to those aspiring for overseas education. Overall experience was good.

-Nitish C Kale, University of North Carolina at Charlotte-USA

  KES provides good combinations of universities including Ambitious to safe. Application form templates are very useful. Good examples provided for SOP, Recommendation letter and Resume. All question are covered in ‘Set of Visa questions’. Mock Interview was very informative and helpful. My overall experience with KES was very good, Helpful Staff.

-Rohan Ramesh Pednekar, San Jose State University-USA

 University selection process was well organized. List given had many options to choose from. Documentation process had information regarding all admission process and GRE codes etc. Question set given for preparation of Visa Counseling was very informative. Doubts were handled at each stage by ma’am and sir through phone or mail. Thank you for your help.

-Saumil B Gandhi, NCSU-USA

 My overall experience with KES was pleasant. Doubts can be asked anytime during the office hours by giving a phone call. In Visa Counseling, KES provided a list of probable questions and answers. It helped in making my own answers for the VISA interview. The application process of every university we planned to apply was mailed to us. KES provided a list of universities which match my profile. It helped me select the universities in my area of specialization. Thank you.

-Vaishaag Panegal, Arizona State of University-USA

 Personal Appointments with Manmohan Kohli Sir were Excellent. Detailed emails with thorough information on the university application process provided. Sample SOP's and LOR's were of great help. Mock Interview prepared me for the actual VISA interview.I would recommend kraft for all students pursuing a Masters Degree abroad.

-Sankar Mahadevan,  Virginia Tech-USA


 I prepared my resume, SOP. Sir made the necessary corrections and sent it to me. Hence my resume, SOP and LOR’s stood out from the rest. During office hours, Sir is always available on the phone. You can ask him any doubts even if they sound silly to you. He always clarifies them well enough. Right from drafting of my SOP, LOR, resume till the date of visa interview, KES was very supportive. I would certainly recommend KES to my fellow juniors.

- Kunal kulkarni,NCSU-USA

 I had a GRE score of 296 and TOEFL of 89; however this did not discourage me. My overall aggregate is 63% wherein KRAFT helped me draft a very good SOP, Resume and LOR’s which helped me get into an ambitious university. Also my work experience into analysis was rewarding. Kraft services helped me get into a ambitious university and made me realize that your entire packet holds weight and not only the GRE and TOEFL scores.

- Giselle Picardo,North Eastern University-USA

 There are hundreds of universities in the USA. But, choosing the perfect set of Universities which suits your profile and interest is really a daunting task. However, Sir has guided me really well and have got 4 admits. The Documentation is the most important step in your application process. It’s your SOP, LOR and your overall profile that maximize your chances of getting admits. KES, provided me well written SOPs, LORs and CVs which bolstered my application. I have been really fortunate enough to have associated with KES. They provided a complete package and guided me on every step of application.

-Saurabh S Kardile,Arizona State University-USA

 University selection process was very good. Got list of Universities categorize in Ambitious, Mod and safe as per my GRE and TOEFL score. The list also provided department specific links to universities which helped a lot. The LOR’s and SOP were the documents which were edited finely. Provided sample formats for reference which were very useful.

-Nikhil Sawal,Arizona State University-USA

 Right from the start where I was pretty confused about the universities I was going to apply, KES helped me finalized the best universities as per any undergraduate percentage and my GRE/TOEFL score. I would totally recommend KES to students since I was very satisfied with the counseling that they provide, and you can be assured to get into a good university with their guidance.

-Lester Ignatius Pereira,University of Mary Land, College park-USA

 Provide an excellent list of universities depending upon your GRE score and your interested course. Very helpful in making changes and editing of documents like SOP, Letter of Recommendations and Resume. Provide you with a great set of questions covering all topics that can be asked during the visa interview. A very good experience. The Staff was very helpful.

-Kirk Pereira,University of Texas at Dallas

 Handling of problems has to be the best part about Radhika Ma’am and Kohli Sir. All the doubts were cleared instantly on the alone. I personally had tons of doubts, even then they always responded in a good mature manner. The answers too were on spot related to the questions. Overall, I would rate my experience with Kraft a 4.5 on a scale of 5. Right from University Selection to Visa, all the aspects were dealth properly. And also I must say GRE is not the only thing which is being considered for admissions. Even a low GRE and a Good Academics would work in your favor. If its Study Abroad, It has to be Kraft.

-Mansuri Mohammed Aaqib,San Jose State University-USA

 Sir provided a detailed list of good, reputed universities (links + word doc) after discussing at length the most suitable and in-demand courses for MS. The advice of concentrating on ‘profile-building’ along with GRE, TOEFL scores proved helpful to form a good resume. This was clearly indicated by me bagging not only a good university but also assistantship and full tuition fee waiver. The detailed list including do’s and don’ts, documents to be carried was helpful. Also links and instructions indicating how to register an appointment for VISA and fee payment, reduced a whole lot of trouble of scurrying various sites. It has been enlightening as merely applying to universities with only my academic records would not have sufficed. Timely and persistent guidance in the form of course selection, Profile building, workshops to be attended, VISA application, docs for application to universities, all these sessions led to an organized and focussed way to getting the university of my choice + course of my liking. I recommend KES strongly, it has been a wonderful association.

-Divya Chandrakant Bala,Virginia Polytechnic and State University-USA